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  • By Rakesh Patel — The consistent message in most 2024 travel forecasts, was the robust return of Chinese tourists. So far, so good, looking at the Chinese New Year data.

  • By Rakesh Patel — A tale of two cities I love. I have spent most of this month between HK and BKK, observing the challenges and opportunities through a travel

  • By Rakesh Patel — As we move into 2024, there is a plethora of travel trend forecasts for next year. The high-end for Asia is covered by Tatler and Conde

  • By Rakesh Patel — Wellness is a sector I know well, both personally and professionally. My mother has been an inspirational yoga wellness pioneer since the 1980s (picture of her

  • By Rakesh Patel — That HK business buzz has certainly returned to the city after so many years, but are things really back to normal here? From a travel perspective,

  • By Rakesh Patel — It was great to be part of the PHIST (Phuket Hotels Island Sustaining Tourism) event and to share a panel on Sustainable Wellness. The event does