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  • By Rakesh Patel — Having travelled through Europe over the last month, it is obvious there has been a sharp increase in hotel room rates, well beyond the pace of

  • By Rakesh Patel — Having taken a number of short-haul flights through Asia in the last few weeks, it is obvious that air fares remain elevated. Whilst there is clearly

  • By Rakesh Patel — It was great to share some thoughts on Bloomberg News, about China’s reopening, Thailand tourism and the wellness industry (link to video). Thailand overall hotel occupancy

  • By Rakesh Patel — I have just arrived in Thailand, and the optimism in tourism abounds. The Russians have evidently returned, particularly as the EU has tightened visa entry

  • By Rakesh Patel — Hope you are well and perhaps looking forward to some festive travel for the first time in a couple of years. I have just finished

  • By Rakesh Patel — I was in Singapore recently attending HICAP (Hotel Investment Conference Asia-Pacific) and facilitating a roundtable for the “Hotel Owners for Tomorrow”. The mood around the